The Brain-Heart Connection

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Do You Struggle With:

Drifting in a mediocre marriage?

Feeling like the passion is gone?

Disconnected from your spouse every day?

This is normal for many couples but


don't have to live this way anymore.

In this free module, learn and implement 3 core ways our brains and bodies work together to either connect or disconnect with ourselves and others. Using these skills you can move beyond mediocre marriage and become a Connected Couple for Life!

The Amazing Brain

God created you with an amazing operating system directed by your brain.

This drives everything in your body, mind and emotions every second of every day by sending signals, hormones and neuro transmitters to impact the way you navigate your world.

Let's take advantage of this in your marriage.

Catching the Emotions Flood

When you get triggered by your emotions, your brain kicks in to overdrive and floods you with feelings.

If you are flooded with feelings, all your logical thinking and reasoning shuts down.

Learn how to capture that flood and move toward a more calm and productive relationship with your spouse.

Take a Break to Self-Soothe

Taking a short break can help your overwhelmed brain reset so you can think more clearly. Get a handle on when it's time to "Take a Break."

Get equipped and use this hands-on, practical training for self-soothing techniques in any situation.

What Others Are Saying

This training is valuable to anyone in a serious relationship or looking to gain clarity on how to communicate better in future relationships! Even people in healthy relationships can learn a lot from this course. K

We have a lot less arguments. I’m happier and more myself. I’ve just realized that he is a “half empty glass” guy and I’m a “half full” gal. I’m not going to change that. I thought that he and I had both changed since I took the course. But it’s changes I’ve made that have affected us both. C

We knew we could always improve our relationship. There were communication “misses” to work on. “I meant this, but you heard that!"

and it frustrated us both. 

Now, when we do have conflict, we stay calmer and do the work to be proactive with gratitude, compliments, fun and affection. A

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Falling Back in Love/Hope Model

We hear it all the time:

"I love my spouse but I'm not IN love with them anymore."

It's normal for couples to go through seasons where they feel less connected. But there is Hope! This Bonus training by professional counselor, Mike Dawson will walk you though the exact steps to Fall Back in Love.

Mike also uncovers the mental blocks we have along the way that can keep us stuck and gives step-by-step training how to overcome those blocks.

Discover the proven way to fall back in love with your spouse Right HERE!

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